It's High Time we Paint that Red Dirt Black!
Fritz and Reverend Johnson "WD"

We ain't holdin' nothin' back. 5 Albums will be released this year plus 33 states and a 9 Country tour beginning March 18th 2014.


After 9 years and 1,000's of shows with 6 albums and NO LABEL. WHISKEYDICK has created their own unique Brand. Cocked and Loaded with only two 6 Strings and a Vocal the duo has forever changed the acoustic sound, and they call it YEEHAW!

About Us


Fritz and Reverend Johnson started YEEHAW ENTERTAINMENT, INC Nov. 2013

"2012 reality check" After sobering up and reliezing that there were folks out their making money from our music and claiming they owned the rights to our songs we wrote and recorded. We had to Hire a etertainment Lawyer and spend several thousands of dollars protecting our music. Now all our music is 100% copyrighted with the United States copyright office Nov. 2013 we started our own corporation "YEEHAW ENTERTAINMENT, INC "

9 Years

In 2012 we started building our own studio at our Home with any extra money we had left over after each Tour and Finished our recording Studio "YEEHAW SOUND" in August 2013. We set a goal to record and release 4 to 5 Albums in 2014 followed by a US and Europe Tour. In October 2013 we decided to start our own Record Label and properly called it "YEEHAW RECORDS". Then in November our long time friend "FNA" FLoyd Sold his T-Shirt store witch ran and sold our merch since day 1. So in November 2013 we decided to start our own merchandise shop. "YEEHAW STORE". With all this going on we had a video camera filming all the chaos From printing Hat's to stumbling down drunk and studio footage of our daily lives. So in DEC 2013 we launched our own youtube tv show with know better name to call it than "HELL YEEHAW TEEVEE" . We are very blessed we get to play music for a living and wouldn't be able to do it with out y'all . And we shure hope you enjoy yourselves here so "WELCOME TO YEEHAW COUNTY" !

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